Volumetricks STORE Launch

It is finally time we launch our new STORE!! I started all this adventure almost 3 years ago. I wanted to give the “old shop” a whole new feel and functionality but still doing it all by myself as there is not yet enough business to build a dedicated video server from scratch.

The idea was clear: Creating a new Volumetricks STORE with my own available resources.

We had already all of our products hosted on gumroad but we wanted to go one step further. After checking many different platforms out there we decided to take the step with shopify. We got to upload all the products, set up the payment gateways, custom developed some functionalities and the new “shopify” store was almost ready to go live but we started to notice some hassle with invoicing that we did not want to go trough so we stopped the shopify thing….

Time to start back again…. back to our originally hosted products on gumroad! We were really lucky to find the same wordpress theme “Porto” that we were using with shopify so all the look&feel was quite similar. Anyway, we had to create products again in the new WP and link them to Gumroad as well as other functionalities that we already had on shopify. We can’t deny, it has been a terrible pain in the ass! But let’s look on the bright side of life… It’s done and it is fast and beautiful to browse our products now.

This are some of the features that we have implemented in the new store:

  • Responsive
  • Video Previews on products hover
  • Organized Categories
  • Filter by Price
  • Authors
  • Blog
  • Merchandising
  • Chat

Welcome to the new Volumetricks Store, we are excited to start this!

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