Thanks Her+es!

Hello 😉

On thursday March the 27th we released our HER+ES VJ Projection Kit. Since then, we have received many pictures from other VJ’s using it to project all around and this make us so happy!!

At the beginning i created the videos for my own use but i soon thought that it would be nice to share the content to other VJ’s so they could also use it in their confinement projections to thank our HER+ES.

To share this little “HER+ES VJ KIT” has turned out very well as we have had over 180 downloads of the kit from all over the world. You don’t have it yet? Download the HER+ES VJ PACK here!

In adittion to this great news, we can also share a Laser Version from “HER+ES” converted to a “Beyond” file by the people from Pirolaserfx. Big UP for this great contribution.

You can download the .beyondpage for Pangolin Software here!

I deeply want to thank all the HEALTHCARE WORKERS for keeping us safe and take care of us when we need it the most. Thanks for being at first line of the battle against COVID19, thanks for resisting the virus! We will win this fight thanks to you, THE BRAVE!!

Now, as it seems that we will keep locked for a while, time has come to turn anxiety into creative outcome. We (Volumetricks) will keep on creating full throttle to bring you VJ content as valuable as we can.

Shout-out to Yony from Le Zoo – Usine (CH), Moises and Javi from PirolaserFX (ES), Alberto from Palnoise, Blub VJ (ES), Benjamin Kisters (GE),  Andy Stentiford from Functioncreep (UK), Beranger from Madness Concept (BE) and Gabriel Valecillo. Thanks for sending your pictures and videos using the “HER+ES VJ Projection Kit” We couldn’t like them more!

And last but not least we also want to thank everyone who downloaded the Kit. We wish to see more pictures from you soon 😉

Keep Safe, keep creating & LIGHT’EM UP!

René Athiel


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