René Athiel

Creative, VJ & Founder

René was born in Narbonne (France) in 1980 but moved to Madrid (Spain) 4 years later, in 1984. It was not until 2004 that he started too feel passionate about video & the light forms. It all began in Amsterdam that year, 11, Supperclub, awakenings… plenty of visual impulses conquered Rene’s vision of life and there was no way back!!. Back in Madrid he started playing visuals in several clubs in town. This went on for years building a career in the local VJ scene. Later came the times of mapping and so he did… mappings here and there leaving a light print of love all around… Nowadays, René continues to get the projector out on sundays for fun!

On November the 15th 2013 René uploads the first VJ Loop Pack on gumroad… sales start to roll in… Eureka. It was really small money, that is true! But it was the greatest feeling ever!! After the first pack came many more and along with Hugo Roda he started to build up the Volumetricks Store.

These last years have also been about Festival Visuals, Rene have headed several Festivals in Spain having the chance to bulletproof  Volumetricks VJ Content.

René is the creator of this visual mess. This guy has been obsseded by visuals for a long time now and doesn’t seem to get any better…

Light’em up!!

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