Author & Video Artist

Juanjo Fernández Rivero A.K.A. Gnomalab has been actively present in the Visual scene forever. Gnomalab is by far the most multidisciplinary artist publishing in Volumetricks. Expositions,  installations, video, Live Cinema, VJ’ing, photography, music productions and performances in many well reputed festivals such as Sonar , Primavera Sound  or SXSW are just some highlights in Gnomalab extended career.

You can check Gnomalab never-ending portfolio in his website

Juanjo is in constant experimentation with moving imagery in different forms. Sofware-art, visual-programming or just improvising with his Super8 camera Gnomalab  always find his way to visually express his restlessness.

We’ve been spotting Gnomalab’s work for ages and the time has finally come for Volumetricks to have Juanjo in our team… Yipeeeee!!

As an analog romantic as well as a deep technology lover, you can espect a wide variaty of styles in his VJ Loops. Optical illusions such as muaré or op-art, digital generated noises, photogrammetry or point-clouding are a few of his fields of work.

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